AMIGGO Campaign


We are running the Arctic Mobile Infrared Greenhouse Gas Observations (AMIGGO) campaign around Fairbanks, Alaska.  The campaign is studying Arctic greenhouse gas (CO2 and methane) exchange by using Bruker EM27/Sun Fourier Transform Spectrometers.  Our partners, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) have brought two EM27 spectrometers to the Fairbanks area, and we are deploying them in upwind/downwind configurations to study fluxes of these gases.  The campaign is in August and September, 2016.  You can follow the campaign at the website below:


OBuoy-8 DOAS rides again

Obuoy-8’s DOAS was recovered from the Arctic Ocean by an icebreaker and we got it back in lab and refurbished it.  It will be deployed this summer and will again measure reactive halogens above the frozen Arctic Ocean.  Ride on, OB8.OB-8DOAS-2015-04-13

Shipped OBuoy DOAS systems

Today we shipped the MAX-DOAS instruments for Obuoys 13-15 to CRREL for integration into the Obuoy platform and deployment onto sea ice.  After building 15 of the systems we have got the procedure down.  Very relieved to have them off the bench and soon to be studying the Arctic!