Current Group Members

Niki Jacobs, Ph.D. Candidate:

 NikiPortrait_10April16 Niki  started in Fall  2015 and is working on climate gases (methane and carbon dioxide) in the Arctic / Boreal region.  She wrote and received an Alaska Space Grant Fellowship for the 2015-16 academic year and analyzed historic Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTS) data from Poker Flat, Alaska.  She is continuing this work for her Ph.D. project.

Kristian (KC) Nattinger, M.S. Candidate:

KCNattinger KC  started in Summer 2014 and is working on  Air quality in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Specifically, he is looking at the composition of fine aerosol particles (PM2.5) to improve our understanding of their sources.  KC will orally defend his thesis in late April and will finish off the edits in the summer.

Will Swanson, Ph.D. Candidate:

SwansonPhotoSm Will Swanson entered the Ph.D. program in Fall 2015 and will be continuing the O-Buoy project work.

Bill Simpson, Principal Investigator:

BillMugshot2008 Bill is working with students on the projects in the lab.  Current interests are basic chemical processes in the Arctic, how they differ from lower-latitude atmospheric chemistry, and how they may change as the Arctic undergoes climate change.  Bill’s CV is here.

Recent graduates:

Justine Burd, M.S.  Candidate:  GRADUATE!

JustineBurd_sm Justine started in Summer 2014 and is working on the seasonal cycle of halogens in the Arctic as observed by our  O-Buoys.  Her work will focus on multi-year seasonal cycles to understand both average behavior, variability, and possibly trends in the seasonal cycle as the sea ice changes.  She defended her thesis in March 2016 and completed in the Spring 2016 semester.  Way to go Justine!

Peter Peterson, Ph.D.  Candidate: GRADUATE!

pkp_withship Peter is working on analysis of field data from Barrow and drifting  O-Buoys  that measure halogen gases in the Arctic by MAXDOAS spectroscopy. Peter has deployed multiple O-Buoys and has also worked on our laboratory studies project examining microstructure of ice surfaces. Peter’s CV can be found  here

Students/Postdocs finishing projects

Deanna Donohoue, Postdoctoral associate: Deanna has worked with the O-Buoy data and also ARCTAS field data from the International Polar Year and is completing publications of this work.  She is currently an assistant professor at Lawrence University in Wisconsin. — Congrats to Deanna on her tenure-track position.

Recent Group Graduates

Person Position at UAF Post UAF Job
Erin Gleason M.S. Environmental Chemistry AECOM Air Quality
Eyal Saiet B.S. Chemistry UAF Unmanned Aircraft Center
Simeon Schum B.S. Chemistry Michigan Tech PhD
Patrick Joyce M.S. Environmental Chemistry Environmental Consulting
Deanna Donohoue Postdoctoral Scholar UEA / Lawrence University
Dea Huff Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Dan Carlson M.S. Environmental Chemistry Medical School / Doctor
Randy Apodaca Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry U.C.Berkeley Postdoc / Picarro / Healthcare
Laura Alvarez-Aviles (Krnavek) Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry EPA / Consulting
Andrew Paluch Summer Undergraduate Researcher Graduate School at Notre Dame and now Assistant Professor at Miami University of Ohio
Gavin Phillips Postdoctoral Scholar Hydrology Center UK
Zachary Plovanic Summer Undergraduate Researcher Computer Science grad school
James Ayers Postdoctoral Scholar Colorado Mesa University
Andy Elsberg B.S. Chemistry Medical School / Doctor
Mark Angerhofer M.S. Chemistry Colorado DEC


Using spectroscopy to study air-ice interactions from the microscopic to global scales