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Congratulations to Dr. Peter Peterson!

Graduate student Peter Peterson works in a Reichardt Building chemistry lab.


Congratulations to Peter! He successfully defended his Ph.D. Dissertation, completed revisions and headed out of town to his Postdoctoral Associate Researcher position in Professor Kerri Pratt’s group at the University of Michigan!  Way to go Peter, you’re on a roll.

Shipped OBuoy DOAS systems

Today we shipped the MAX-DOAS instruments for Obuoys 13-15 to CRREL for integration into the Obuoy platform and deployment onto sea ice.  After building 15 of the systems we have got the procedure down.  Very relieved to have them off the bench and soon to be studying the Arctic!


Chemistry of the Sea and Sky Symposium

I’m just back from the  Chemistry of the Sea and Sky Symposium that was in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  It was great to visit with my Canadian (and some US) colleagues to the South and catch up on happenings in Environmental Chemistry.

The Session was:

Chemistry of the Sea and Sky

The chemistry of the sea and sky can impact human health, environmental quality, and climate. Chemistry that occurs within marine and atmospheric environments is complicated by interactions and feedbacks between the ocean, sea ice, and atmosphere, as well as interfacial processes. This session will focus on chemistry in the bulk phase and interfaces and will include topics such as the exchange of reactive and greenhouse gases, black carbon and aerosols, sea spray production, ocean acidification, and biogeochemical cycles of nutrients, and major and trace elements and isotopes.

Jennifer Murphy,  University of Toronto
Cora Young,  Memorial University of Newfoundland
Feiyue Wang,  University of Manitoba

Invited Speakers:
Jon Abbatt,  University of Toronto
Parisa Ariya,  McGill University
Timothy Bertram,  University of California – San Diego, USA
Jay Cullen,  University of Victoria
Jamie Donaldson,  University of Toronto
Eric Galbraith,  McGill University
Amanda Grannas,  Villanova University, USA
Kristin Orians,  University of British Columbia
Hans Osthoff,  University of Calgary
Bill Simpson,  University of Alaska – Fairbanks, USA
Isobel Simpson,  University of California – Irvine, USA